Hexed is a command line Hexadecimal File Editor.

The source code is written to use an ANSI C99 compatible compiler for portability between Operating Systems.

Hexed is released under the BSD license

Latest Updates
May 6, 2014
hexed help screen now shows the version number.

May 6, 2014
Bugfix: #1 - Added bfcntl to set _fmode to _O_BINARY in MinGW as 'r+b' in fopen was

January 23, 2014
Modified the Makefile. It now has fewer options and should be a cleaner build process.

May 7, 2014

Hexed bugfix #1

Hexed had a problem on Windows with CR, LF line conversion. Hexed opened the file using the ‘r+b’ file mode but MinGW seemed to ignore the file mode and opened the file in text mode. I’m now setting the _fmode from fcntl.h to _O_BINARY. This fix only compiles on Windows for the MinGW compiler and is done in a separate file, bfcntl.c, to stop any warnings about DLL settings.

Hexed now also shows the version number on the help screen with the command hexed -?

The last thing is I’ve added a Support section to the Sourceforge site for hexed. This should be used to report bugs and request new features.